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Why do an internship?


An internship is an opportunity to work in an organisation and role that you are not yet qualified for and a chance to work out what skills you still need to work on.

It also gives you the opportunity to:

Discover your interests

Discover what you are really interested in by trying out a professional field

Apply your skills

Learn how to practically apply the skills you have learned in class

Develop workplace decorum

Develop workplace decorum, such as when to ask for direction - one of the biggest challenges new employees face

Gain professional experience

Gain real professional experiences that you can talk confidently about in a job interview

Network Professionally

Network with people in your profession, which is valuable either for seeking jobs in the near future or later on


It is almost inevitable that you will end up working alongside people with a different cultural background to yourself. Cross-cultural communication can be genuinely difficult so experience working alongside locals in your host country and doing things in their way is incredibly valuable.

It allows you to:

Gain Understanding

Gain an understanding of the system of values that drives decision making in your workplace and your
host country

Make friends

Make lots of friends in your chosen country and understand their culture – What is important to them and why?

Become more open-minded

Understand that there are lots of ways to do something. What you perceive as important may rank much lower down on someone else’s list.


Living and working in a new country is a truly life-changing experience. At some point during your stay, you will most likely wish you were back home but at the end of the stay, you will be prouder and more confident in yourself than when you left. In addition, many job interviews include a behavioural component and your experiences overseas will give you lots to talk about and reflect on.

They will also help you:
See the world from another perspective
Work out what is important to you in everyday life
Develop independence in negotiating new and confusing situations
Learn how to have fun in any cultural environment