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Women’s Empowerment NGO

Research and PR

This not-for-profit organisation supports women’s rights in the areas of migration, human trafficking, HIV and AIDS, food sovereignty, conflicts over natural resources, and religious fundamentalism. It has multiple branches and hundreds of members throughout Indonesia.

The activities of the organisation include conducting and publishing relevant research, campaigning government at different levels, promoting public awareness, and running programs directly supporting women in need.

Your Role

Your role will include one or both of Public Relations and Research. Potential tasks include:

  • Producing content in English for websites, social media and other documents.
  • Building the organisation’s international profile through campaigning, utilising various media methods.
  • Developing links between the organisation and other similar organisations in different countries.
  • Conducting research into the focus topics of the organisation at the time of your internship.


Majors: Flexible.
Language: Fluent English and at least basic Indonesian are required.
Other: Applicants should be eager to learn about Indonesian culture and improve Indonesian language skills. Applicants also need to be enthusiastic about participating in discussions, which are the most common form of communication at this organisation. Being a strong supporter of women’s rights is essential. Males who fit this description are very welcome!


For more information see Fees page.

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