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Entrepreneurship Incubator

Investee Liaison

This incubator supports Indonesian start-ups through a number of means including workspaces, mentoring, capacity-building, connections with financing opportunities, and raising public awareness about the activities of its start-ups. The organisation has supported a number of well-known Indonesian companies now making it big time worldwide.

Your Role

Your role will likely involve the following:

  • Helping the investees to attract financing from potential angel investors.
  • Helping investees to produce required reports.
  • Organising events for the capacity building of investees, such as workshops with partnered firms.
  • Supporting investees to develop their media presence, develop publications, and build their branding.


Majors: There is some flexibility for the right candidate, but generally preferred areas of study include Finance, Economics, Marketing or Accounting.
Language: English is required. Some Indonesian skills would be an advantage but not essential.
Other: You should be comfortable with, and have some knowledge of, financial statements and Microsoft Excel.

You should be proactive and take on any challenges with enthusiasm. This position presents an opportunity to learn a lot and the organisation wants to ensure that you grasp the opportunities.

You will also have the opportunity to attend a lot of events in Jakarta outside of work hours.  While these will generally not be compulsory, you will get more from this position by being actively engaged.


For more information see Fees page.

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