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Dance Internship Program

On this program you will complete a three-week team internship in Indonesian Dance in the bustling metropolis of Jakarta. The internship will consist of work in a local NGO, where you will discover the processes of running an arts-based enterprise, learn to apply for grants and facilitate classes in some of Jakarta’s most impoverished areas. You will also attend dance classes at the Jakarta Institute of the Arts (IKJ). Outside of work hours you will attend networking events and capacity-building workshops to help you build your general professional skill set. Before your internship begins, you will spend a week in Yogyakarta, the cultural capital of Indonesia, where you will visit the sites, meet local students and learn about the rich culture of the region. Watch the video of one of our past Dance Internship Programs here:



Yogyakarta, commonly known as Jogja, is home to over 100 institutions of higher learning. It attracts youth from all over Indonesia and is an amazing hub for music, art and ideas. Jogja also has a rich history and is the home to incredible temples such as Borobodur and Prambanan. Read more about Yogyakarta here.


Our week in Yogyakarta will be all about cultural immersion and will likely include:

  • Introductory language classes to help you get around (or suited to your level if you’ve got more experience)
  • Seeing the sights, including Borobudur and the Sultan’s Palace
  • Climbing (by jeep) Mt Merapi, the volcano that towers over Jogja
  • Visiting some fantastic not-for-profit organisations such as Legal Aid Indonesia and Friends of the Earth Indonesia
  • Learning about the arts and crafts of Indonesia

Most importantly we will spend lots of time with buddies from a local university. The buddies will join in many of the activities with us and you will be able to discover Jogja with them and see how the locals really do it!


Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and is a huge city, with an estimated population of around 20 million people in the greater city area. Indonesia’s strong economic growth in recent times has led to a rapid transformation of Jakarta and today there is incredible wealth alongside abject poverty in many areas of the city. The rapid growth has brought many challenges, including the infamous traffic, but Jakarta is definitely a place on the move and has an amazing buzz! Read more here.

The Internship

Your internship will take place in Jakarta, where your days will alternate between work at your host organisation and classes in Indonesian dance at the Jakarta Institute of the Arts (IKJ). At the conclusion of the program all teams will gather, along with management from the organisations, and each team will present their internship experience. You may perform a dance based on what you have learned during your internship at that time.
Nature of the Work: You will be required to work as a professional dance practitioner during your internship. This includes training at IKJ and teaching classes at your host organisation, as well as becoming involved in the day-to-day running of the organisation. You will need to develop class material but will also be involved in writing grant applications and providing general administrative support to the office. You will learn about the different avenues for running a dance-based practice (business, not for profit or otherwise) and the that skills you will need to be a professional and independent practitioner.

Building Your Skills and Contacts for Your Career

During your three weeks in Jakarta you will have a lot of opportunities to hone your professional skills and make connections for your future career. These activities will likely include:

  • An Introduction to Budgets workshop, designed to build your understanding of being a dance practitioner in the professional world and the ways you can run your practice
  • Workshops to help you perfect your public speaking style and help with CVs and cover letters
  • Individual counselling sessions regarding your career, especially in relation to Indonesia and Asia more broadly
  • Evening networking events with international Business Councils (such as the Indonesia Australia Business Council), Chambers of Commerce and expatriate organisations


Weekends and Evenings

On one of the weekends in Jakarta you have the option of joining us for a trip out of Jakarta to the countryside, mountains or a small island nearby. We will also organise optional activities on some evenings, but you will have plenty of opportunity to do your own thing and we can provide lots of guidance and advice, so just let us know if there’s something you’d really like to do in Jakarta.


You will be living at BINUS Square, the secure and comfortable accommodation of Bina Nusantara University (BINUS), a partner of the program. Staff from both BINUS and International Internships will also be there to help provide guidance for your internships and offer 24/7 support.


  • Yogyakarta (Optional) – Intro to Indonesian Language & Culture
    Sunday 13 January 2019 until Saturday 19 January 2019
  • Jakarta – Internship
    Saturday 19 January 2019 until Saturday 9 February 2019



Anyone can apply for this program, provided you are over 18 and willing to work in a team.

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