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3D Animation Studio

Design and Animation

This company is a 3D animation studio that specialises in creative 3D production of short films, advertisements, storybooks, songs and video clips. It was founded in response to concern about the lack of local content in Indonesia.

The studio works on varying projects, both independently and as a provider for businesses and organisations.

Your Role

Your role will depend on your capabilities and projects at the time of your internship. More details will be provided during the application process, once the proposed dates are known. Roles may include:

  • Drawing 2D story-boards
  • Character design, concept art, and matte painting
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modelling

You may also have the opportunity to work on an individual project towards the end of your internship.


Majors: Art, Design, Animation.
Language: Good Indonesian language skills would be advantageous but are not required.


For more information see Fees page.

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