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Why pay for an internship?

We Know What Employers Want

We are continually speaking to employers and recruiters around the world and we know what they are looking for. From pre-departure onwards, we provide guidance about how to best approach and record your experience to obtain the necessary skills for your future.

Strong Relationships = Quality Internships

We talk extensively with you before accepting your application to make sure we know what you are looking for and can help you. In-country, we have spent months, sometimes years, developing relationships with our hosts and we talk carefully with them before you arrive. Plus, we catch up with you during your internship to make sure everything is going ok and we take action if required.

Total Experience

While you are in-country you will have access to networking events, updates about current events in your internship location, mentoring and professional development opportunities and our community of local university students and interns. We make sure you get the full experience of living in your internship location, even if you are only in country for a short time.

Knowledgeable Leaders

Your in-country managers know their stuff! They have spent extended periods of time in our host locations and thrive off being able to help you immerse yourself, but also to deal with any difficulties you experience.

Support from start to finish

From the moment you apply you will have regular contact with one of our team. They will guide you through the process of securing your internship site and preparing for your departure, will keep in touch with you while you are overseas and will catch up with you on your return. For emergency situations, we have extensive risk management procedures.

Don’t just take our advice

We can put you in touch with past interns who have volunteered to provide advice and support to new interns.

Happy hosts

We value our host organisations and have strong relationships with each one. Our interns have a good reputation with them so you will be treated with respect and valued from the start. Not only that, they are usually happy to fill out any forms your institution requires and provide references for you, which we can facilitate.