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Program Types

Program Types

Search for internships suited to you here. You will notice that there are two different program types available for some disciplines. Which one is best for you?

Individual Internships


Our individually tailored internships are all about flexibility.




Where you can goYogyakarta, Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur

How long you can go for4 to 24 weeks (min. 6 weeks for KL)

When you can goAnytime of the year

What’s includedThe internship + support, with lots of optional extras such as language classes and accommodation

You should choose an individual internship if you:
  • Want to choose your dates
  • Are generally an independent person, who likes discovering a place on their own
  • Have specific requirements for your degree or study a highly specialised major (eg. Electrical Engineering as opposed to Business)
  • Are interested in spending some extra time learning the language


Team Internships


Our team internships are about teamwork and getting the most out of a short experience. You will work in a multidisciplinary team on a project that is of use to your host organisation and will be required to present your work to your employer at the end of the internship period. Each team will include an Indonesian participant.

Where you can goYogyakarta and Jakarta

How long you can go for3 or 4 weeks

When you can goOn set dates in January, June and December

What’s includedThe internship, support, accommodation, language classes, networking events, a weekend trip, sightseeing and more

You should choose a team internship if you:
  • Want to work in a team
  • Want to intern for three or four weeks only
  • Want a more structured experience in a group
  • Are interested in gaining broad experience in a general field (eg. Such as “international business” as opposed to “market research”, although we do try to accommodate your interests as much as possible)