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Funding Options

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There are lots of ways to support yourself to join our programs and cover the costs of living in country. Here are some of the options but we encourage you to do your own research too – there are often special grants available for very specific circumstances.

Remember, if you are interested in a topic or in the country itself, you can do your internship as part of a broader program of research or study, not just as work experience.

These are all Australian funding options but we do welcome applications from any country.


This money is actually a cash loan that you can receive for an overseas study experience. It gets added to your HELP loan or HECS debt. Eligible students can borrow up to $7,764 for an experience in Asia.

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If you currently receive Centrelink payments then you could be eligible to continue receiving payments while you are overseas completing your work placement, especially if you are on Austudy or Youth Allowance and undertaking the internship for credit at your institution.

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Your University or TAFE

Most universities and TAFES are committed to encouraging their students to travel overseas and undertake internships for credit and many will give you some support to do so. These are often called ‘travel’, ‘mobility’ or ‘study’ grants or scholarships. Many institutions offer grants to students from low socio-economic backgrounds and indigenous students too.

New Colombo Plan Funding

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) is an Australian Government program that supports university students to study or intern overseas. These grants are available for a range of countries in the Indo-Pacific and can be quite generous. Some universities support International Internships’ programs with NCP funding – ask us if your university is one of them.

You are eligible for a NCP grant from your university if you are:

  • Enrolled at an Australian university that has received this funding
  • Undertaking your internship program for credit
  • An Australian citizen

The Australian Overseas Foundation (AOF) Scholarships

These scholarships are for Australians between the ages of 21 and 31 who have completed a trade apprenticeship or vocational traineeship to Certificate Level Three to travel and work overseas for one to two years.

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Study Overseas Foundation Grants

These grants are awarded on merit to Australian students undertaking a coursework degree (undergraduate or postgraduate-by-coursework).

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The Winston Churchill Fellowship

The aim of The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust is to provide an opportunity for Australians to travel overseas in search of new ideas, innovation and excellence! No prescribed qualifications are required and the subject of the proposed project is limitless provided a benefit to Australia is evident. Merit of the proposed project is a key factor and a desire to share the research findings with the Australian community must be displayed.

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ANU Indonesia Project Research Travel Grants

The Indonesia Project Research Travel Grants will assist students who plan to undertake research or are currently undertaking research for which they will benefit from travel to Indonesia. Applications are open to students from a number of universities in Australia.

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Australian Institute of International Affairs VIC Euan Crone Asian Awareness Scholarship

This charitable endowment fund gives grants of up to $5,000 per person to deepen awareness of Asia among young Australians. Scholarships are open to young Australian citizens and permanent residents up to the age of 35 who are members of the AIIA in any Australian State or Territory at the time of application.

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Australian Institute of International Affairs WA Bursary

The AIIA WA offers two $2,000 bursaries annually to support students of WA universities to undertake educational activity in countries of Asia, including unpaid internships.

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Crowdfunding or fundraising

If you can show how your experience is different from just another uni student trying to get other people to pay for their travel, you will be miles ahead of the pack. Show how your internship will benefit your community and what you plan to do with your new skills and understanding of the world. There are lots of platforms that can help you do this but the best-known one is Go Fund Me.