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Our Philosophy

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Not just the headlines

Our programs are based around the belief that international study and work experiences should be unfiltered and real, with the right support to keep students safe, happy and experiencing everything to its maximum.

We see ourselves as facilitators in the true sense of the word – we make the experience of international work and travel less difficult but we do not aim to make it easy. We want our interns to come away feeling that they have lived in their host country, not simply been part of an organised program.

Been there, done that

Building the network of connections and depth of program that we offer takes time and engagement. Our program leaders are experts in their fields, with a great love of both education and the host country. The have all spent time living and working in their respective host countries and relish sharing the knowledge they have gained there.

What I know now…

International Internships’ program directors have extensive academic experience and each program is designed with specific learning outcomes in mind. These learning outcomes are documented and available on request, so if you would like to know more, please contact us. 

Our tailored programs are centred around academic requirements and learning outcomes, which are discussed with relevant staff in detail during the program development process.

Throughout the pre-departure, orientation, follow-on and post-program stages, we encourage all students to reflect on and record the growth they experience in country. This could be through assessment tasks assigned by their educational institution, diary entries, structured group discussions or one-on-one mentoring with an International Internships staff member.