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How We Work

Flexible and Tailored

We tailor our programs to academic requirements, or develop completely new ones, in conversation with lecturers, study abroad and other relevant institutional staff. We will work together to create a unique program for a specific set of learning outcomes and content requirements. This extends to Work Integrated Learning or general internships and study intensives or tours in a wide range of fields, from Business to Architecture to Fashion to Environmental Science to International Studies.

We also run International Internships individual or team internship programs twice or three times each year. Interns from any higher education institution and any country can apply for these programs. Entry is competitive, based on a statement of intent, CV and phone interview. Institutions may wish to advertise these programs to their students, joining a program with a diverse group of participants.

Our Process

No matter who we work with we always include three main processes in our program development:


We work with all necessary staff at your institution to ensure the program follows academic requirements, institution-wide goals and internal procedures as closely as possible. We start with a formal initial consultation and make sure you are consulted and updated as the program develops.


We are always 100% transparent and frank about our pricing, inclusions, what we can and cannot provide and the timing for developing a new program. Some requests are not able to be fulfilled in the countries where we work and we will make sure that this is clear from the beginning; some things will take longer, some less time. We are proud of our relationships and want to maintain them.


We aim to make students’ experience of an externally-run program such as ours as seamless with our partners’ processes as possible, without losing the differentiation between what they are responsible for and what is International Internships’ responsibility. This includes in promotion, pre-departure preparation, supervision at work and post-program follow-up.

More than travel and work

All our programs are framed in the context of employment capability and cross-cultural competency at all stages of the program.

Most International Internships programs include the following:


Buddies are an integral part of our programs and students are paired with a local student from one of our partner universities.

Pre-departure sessions

Pre-departure sessions prepare students to get the most out of their internship by defining goals, identifying weaknesses and imagining challenging situations of cross-cultural communication.


The orientation when students arrive in country comprises an introduction to their host country’s history and culture and a thorough discussion of the challenges of living away from home.

In-country workshops

Workshops in country, held on weekday evenings and weekends are based around essential professional skills like public speaking, professional writing or interview preparation.

Facilitated discussions

Facilitated discussions with buddies and members of local communities encourage both groups to reflect on their cultures and preconceptions.

Connections & knowledge

Connections and knowledge in the interns’ industries are enhanced through targeted networking events and speakers.

Language classes

Language classes are made freely available to students throughout their time in country, and can be integrated into any program.

Up to date

Up to date information on local networking, exhibitions, talks and social events are given regularly throughout the program period.