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Internship Structures

Brett Stevens

Commissioner for Victoria to Indonesia

Daniel Witono

Co-Founder & CEO,

Raymond Siva

CEO, Edelman Indonesia

Individual Internships

Dates:  Any time, all-year-round

Duration: Any length from 4 to 24 weeks, depending on the host organisation’s preferences

Location: Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Kuala Lumpur

Discipline: As specified by the host organisation

Payment: Not required, although payment of a living allowance is encouraged

All interns are encouraged to undertake a language course before commencing their internship, and International Internships will either arrange or assist the intern to arrange this.

Team Internships

Team internships involve a group of 3-4 students being placed with an organisation to complete a project-based internship. The projects are presented to the students prior to their arrival and during the three-week internship period the students work on that project under the guidance and supervision of their host organisation. At the conclusion of the internship period the students present the findings of their work to the hosts.

The projects are designed to be of maximum benefit to the host organisation and will form part of their long-term strategy.

Group Size: 2 – 3 Australian students plus 1 Indonesian student from our partner university

Project Dates: November-December; January-February; June-July

Duration: 3 weeks

Location: Jakarta

Fields:  Accounting, finance, marketing, human resources management, international relations, IT, community development, engineering, law, media and journalism.

Student Tasks: Project-based work. Projects to be designed by host organisation with support from staff from International Internships.

Payment: Unpaid

Case Studies

  • ANZ Bank
  • Legal Aid Indonesia
  • Victorian Government Business Office

ANZ Bank

Intern: Dom, Brandon, Robyn and Niko

Main area of study: Commerce and HR

Internship: Each member of the group worked in a different division, according to their area of study. While working on the day-to-day tasks of their division, they also looked for ways to increase the efficiency in ANZ’s document management systems, which they then presented as a report to the ANZ management.

Dom’s experience: “This internship has aided my growth both personally and professionally. I am thankful for the opportunity to meet fantastic people and work in such a pleasant work environment.”

Representative of ANZ: “I was amazed to see the presentation – the areas to be improved and the remedies [the interns] have recommended are very much useful to ANZ. These interns were very great performers, even in the short time of the internship.”

Legal Aid Indonesia

Interns: Hannah, Lydia and Lucy

Main area of study: International Studies

Internship: The group conducted research into the juvenile justice system in Bali, with a focus on the issues that limited prisoners’ ability to reintegrate into society upon their release. They visited several prisons around Bali and interviewed prisoners as well as conducting desk research.  At the conclusion of their internship the group presented Legal Aid Indonesia with a comprehensive report of their findings and presented it to their colleagues.

Lydia’s experience: “You hear about all the issues encountered by NGOs but you can’t really understand until you go and experience it 9-5 every day. The team were so resilient and persistent in the work that they do and I know I can learn from that.”

Ibu Yastini (Legal Aid Indonesia): “We enjoyed having the interns and hope they got some experience and knowledge about law enforcement in Indonesia and protection of children, particularly about juvenile justice and how paralegals and community legal systems were involved when facing juvenile cases in their communities. I wish this program will continue and hope LBH will remain your partner.”

Victorian Government Business Office

Interns: Norbert, Wil, Kat and Anete

Main area of study: General Business and Marketing

Internship: The group worked on the assessing the viability of exporting certain Victorian products to Indonesia, and how they should be marketed.

Norbert’s experience: “I now have practical knowledge to back up the theoretical things I’ve learned in studying my degree. This internship not only contributed to my degree but it was also a great life experience.”

Victorian Trade Commissioner: “We saw having interns as a way of offering extra services to our clients, but also offering a different perspective of researching and developing a project that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. It was also a great way to enable students to experience international commerce and international business engagement”.