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Hosting an Intern

We believe in providing internship relationships that are beneficial both for the student and for the host organisation. We make sure that the students selected to take part in our programs are highly motivated and dedicated to proving themselves in the workplace. We also work with the host organisation before the internship begins to make sure that the intern will be supervised and directed, so that their work can be useful for both their host and their own future career.

Benefits of Hosting an Intern

How could hosting an intern benefit you?

Previous host organisations say that hosting an intern provides:

Cost Effectiveness

A cost effective way of completing current projects, or simply gaining extra resources, for the organisation.

Enthusiastic Youth

Access to enthusiastic, highly-educated young people with knowledge in their field and a desire to contribute as much as they can to the organisation.

Increased Publicity

Increased profile of the host organisation and publicity through exposure on Australian university websites as well as in local media.

Professional Development

Professional development opportunities for the staff who supervise the interns.


The opportunity for local staff to develop their English language skills and build cultural understanding with the Australian students

Indonesian Students

Access to Indonesian students that have studied in Australia and are seeking long-term employment upon returning to Indonesia.

Revitalised Workplace

New energy in the workplace.

What we provide

At International Internships our role is to make the whole process as smooth and beneficial as possible for all parties. We look after the intern throughout the entire internship process, from application until completion. Hosts simply provide work during work hours, but outside of work hours, the intern is the responsibility of International Internships.

We organise:
Visa sponsorship and support
Airport pickup and drop-off
Orientation and weekend activities
Two-week Indonesian language course in Yogyakarta
Links with local university students
24/7 Support
Networking opportunities
Capacity-building opportunities

All interns are encouraged to undertake a language course before commencing their internship, and International Internships will either arrange or assist the intern to arrange this.

Requirements of Hosts

International Internships will work with host organisations to make sure both you and the intern get the most out of the experience. Since we take care of everything outside of work hours, your organisation is only responsible for the intern while they are at work.

This involves:
  • Ensuring that during the internship your intern receives meaningful work that contributes to your organisation’s day-to-day business and involves a range of tasks and activities
  • Appointing a member of the organisation to act as supervisor and mentor for the intern and to guide them during their internship
  • Providing the intern with an induction and orientation, such as information on general work procedures and health and safety in the workplace
  • Liaising with the Internship Co-ordinator at International Internships throughout the internship
  • On occasions the intern will be obtaining credit from their home university and the host organisation may be required to complete some forms as a part of this process. International Internships will always explain these fully and endeavor to answer any questions you may have.

Intern Selection Process

We work with you to find the best students for your organisation. You can tell us if you have any preferences or requirements of your interns and we will only find you candidates that are right for you.

We receive applications

Our applications come from university students in Australia and around the world, and the programs are advertised to those who wish to increase their employability from an already strong academic base.

Criteria analysis

We will follow any requirements you have for potential interns, such as study majors, academic achievements or previous experience.

Applicant interviews

We assess the CVs of all students who apply against the criteria you have told us. We also generally conduct a phone interview to assess their communication skills and readiness to complete an internship.

We send you details of students who fit the bill

We will only send you the details of any students that we think fulfil your requirements or needs, or that we believe will be the right fit.

Final stage interview

You may request a Skype or phone interview, or ask us to interview the interns on your behalf, before deciding whether to accept them.

We work around you

Depending on your stated availability, we may suggest interns to you at different times throughout the year but you have no obligation to host them if it is not convenient for you.

100% of hosts
surveyed say they would recommend
International Internships