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Who we are

We have been facilitating internships for over 10 years, but are always growing and changing as the environments in which we work grow and change. We now work with individual students, as well as educational institutions, commercial organisations and NGOs, to facilitate internships, study intensives, immersion and unit-based programs, along with career mentoring, professional skills development, cross-cultural communication and language training.

We believe

International experiences should be unfiltered and real, whether they happen at home or overseas.

We aim

To facilitate experiences that give all participants – hosts, partners and participants – real tools to work and communicate internationally.

We are driven

By a desire to create respect and generosity in international relations; and to help shape smart graduates who think critically. Once we have experienced being a fish out of water in another culture we learn that our opinions are not the only viable ones and we work to find a more creative, inclusive solution.

Our role

Is to provide the support necessary to make sure everyone gets the most out of the experience but not to cushion or control too much.